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1 1. Installing OpenOLAT
2 ----------------------
3 Please refer to the HTML documentation available at
6 2. Licensing
7 ----------------------
8 With regard to licensing and copyright please refer to the file LICENSE.TXT and NOTICE.TXT
11 3. Contact information
12 ----------------------
13 You are welcome to participate in our development. If you make any patches to
14 the code, please let us know on your mailing list.
16 For further information about OpenOLAT please visit the product's website at
21 4. Mailing list
22 ----------------------
23 A free and public mailinglist is hosted on Google groups:
25 If you do not have a google account you can register with just an email address
26 through our homepage.
29 5. Being a community member
30 ----------------------
31 We strongly suggest to participate in the OpenOLAT community membership program.
32 Even though this software is free and open source, the development and management
33 has to be funded by someone. If you like what we do and want the product to be
34 maintained and developed in the long run you should consider purchasing a member
35 ship.